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Making your load and truck availabilities accessible on the internet has never been easier! With PhydoStyle's Load/Truck Posting System your company will have the ability to post and manage all of your company's freight easily and securely.

Add all of your agents or dispatchers from one or multiple offices, with their own unique username and password to track who posted what and from where. Using the built-in admin section, you and your employees will have access to post, update, or delete loads and/or trucks 24 hours a day. Potential carriers and shippers will appreciate being able to view your posted and up-to-date freight.

As the trucking industry has become more dependent upon internet freight matching services, it has become imperative to post freight availabilities online. With our Load / Truck Posting System, your loads can be conveniently accessed and updated by you and your employees. It can also be easily transferred to any leading internet freight matching service.

To try out our demo load posting program click here

You can log in with the username: joe and password: joe

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take a look at the premier Idaho High School Sports message board system. We can build the same thing for you!

Truck/Load Posting
We built this system from the ground up, working directly with brokers and carriers to develop the best system around!

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