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From web sites, to logos and graphic design, PhydoStyle Designs has what you need to not only create or improve your online presence, but do it with Style. Each graphic and logo we design is original. Because of that, you can be sure that in a mesh of online entities, yours will be unique and eye-catching.


  • Basic, informational web sites. If you have been putting off the decision to have a web site designed for your company, remember that there are thousands of new web sites going up every day! In business, "you're either growing or you're dying. There ain't no third direction."
  • Large, database-driven, corporate web sites. As a major company you know the need to have a high-powered, fully-functional, web site to help you and your business succeed. We can help you create and maintain whatever it is that your company needs. No project is too big.

  • Has your web site become a bit out-dated? Are there things you want changed, but either don't know how, or don't have the time to do it yourself? We offer free, no obligation site inspections. We will look over your site and share with you our ideas for improvement, as well as give you a price estimate for the work required.

  • A quality company logo is vital in today's competitive marketplace. One that will catch the potential client's eye, and leave an impression in their mind, is essential to survive in today's business society. Our creative design staff can develop a logo that is both professional and recognizeable. Logo Design incurs it's own seperate additional fee for corporate use and business applications. For example, if you want to use the logo on your web site, letterhead, business cards, media kit, etc., it will initially need to be purchased from PhydoStyle Designs. This fee is completely separate, and not included in the normal web site development fee.

  • PhydoStyle Designs can help you in every facet of your company's overall visual image. From letterhead, business cards, and logos, to basic graphics for presentations, documents, etc. If you need it...   we can do it.

Service Rates
Service Fee Description
Domain Name Registration and Configuration $40.00 / 2 years 1) Registration of your domain name (ie. "yourcompanyname.com"), 2) DNS configuration and setup, and 3) URL and E-Mail Forwarding upon request.
Web Site Design & Creation $60.00 / hour 1) Logical design and layout of site (navigation technique, content sections, etc.), 2) Creation, manipulation and/or editing of graphics, icons, and/or images, 3) Informational input and formatting, and/or 4) Site maintenance requiring extensive time and effort.
Corporate Logo Design $100.00 / hour Creation and design of your corporate identity mark, usable on any material, from business cards to billboards. Source file supplied upon full payment.
Web Site Hosting Varies By Site
$25 per month
$50 per month)
1) Configuration and setup of a server dedicated to streaming your site contents to the World Wide Web, 2) Creation and setup assistance of unlimited e-mail accounts, each with 10 mb of space, and 3) Minor web site syntax changes, additions, and/or corrections.

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Message Boards
take a look at the premier Idaho High School Sports message board system. We can build the same thing for you!

Truck/Load Posting
We built this system from the ground up, working directly with brokers and carriers to develop the best system around!

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